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Fostering Pets, Saving Lives

Independent Animal Rescue and Foster Home in Southern California

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Help With Medical Funding

Donations to help with our constant medical costs are always appreciated! We can't keep saving kitties without your support.

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Available Cats

Adoption fee is $150 per kitten. Or $250 for two kittens. Adult cat adoption fee is generally $75.
Young kittens are usually only adopted out in pairs or to homes with other kitties.

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Pet Rats

Adoption fee is $20 per rat.
Rats are only adopted out in pairs unless otherwise noted.
Contact me for availability.

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Have you thought about giving raw food for your pets a try? Check out Darwin's Raw Pet Food, it is just $14.95 for your first 10 pounds of food, and you can cancel anytime, no obligation.

Use our code "Shannon" at checkout to get a free surprise added to your order, AND to have your $14.95 introductory price donated to Stray Cat Alliance!

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You can support us by helping yourself! Buy Color Street nail strips from our shop and all proceeds will 100% support the animals at my rescue! Join us on Facebook also! 

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I am an independent rescuer and a foster home for unwanted animals.  I specialize in orphaned kittens, pregnant cats and rats, and orphaned baby rats.

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